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Intelligencex - Xtra Precision. Ultimate Power. Maximum Comfort

HEAD Intelligence X gives you the ability to focus your power with Xtra precision to place shots exactly as you visualized.

HEAD intellifiber

HEAD's intellifibers transform the mechanical energy from ball impact into an electrical response that stiffens the racquet for ultimate power and maximum comfort. Intellifibers are found in the racquet shaft and racquet head, where they deliver ultimate power, maximum comfort and Xt Xtra precision.

While the ball is still on the strings, HEAD intellifibers in the racquet head create an active resistance to the frame's bending and increase torsional stability up to 42% for Xtra precision and accuracy. This stiffens the racquet head for unprecedented control and Xt Xtra precision.

This torsional stiffness and maximum stability create ultimate precision and accuracy not possible in conventional racquet design.

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