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Squash Racquet Restringing
    Squash Racquet Restringing
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      Squash Racquet Restringing

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    About SquashGalaxy Racquet Services

    You may also order additional merchandise to be shipped along with your restring order. SquashGalaxy will wait for the mail-in restring and ship the requested additional merchandise in one shipment when the restring is completed.

    • Price will be adjusted when you add your string to the basket
    • If you're looking for top playability, go with the Python Atlas Deluxe ($40), or the Tecnifibre 305 Green 17g.
    • A General rule, as you go up in string gauge, the string is less durable but more playable. Example, 18 gauge is more playable than 17 gauge but won't last as long. If you're unsure, 17 is a safe bet because it's right in the middle.
    • Our policy is to get our racquets back out the door within 24 hours if possible when we receive it from the customer
    • If you previously had grommet tape installed on your racquet you will need to order another piece for $1.00 if you want it installed back on as we have to remove it in order to string your racquet

    Everyone spends most of their time picking out the right frame to meet their game style. Few players realize that the ball isn't supposed to hit your frame (although it does more than we like), but that the ball really only touches the strings.  Making sure your string choice, your string tension, the correct pattern, the string gauge along with the string texture all combine to enhance your play is our specialty.

    We want you to enjoy your new purchase with us. For the advanced player or the curious player, we offer greatly reduced stringing options at the time you first purchase your racquet. This allows you to try different strings with little risk.

    We also offer continued profession service of your frame after it leaves our shop. We STOCK many of the grommets required to completely restore your frames during a restring. We get racquets ships to us from around the world to restring...players count on us to do it right the first time and we pride ourselves in the ability to meet their needs.

    No normal racquet restring sits for more than 24 business hours inside our shop...we get them in, we turn them around, and you experience less down time.

    How do I send in my racquet for restringing

    There are two ways in which you can order a restring on your racquet. You won't need to contact us for a Return Authorization #, you can do either of the 2 options.

    If possible, print a copy of your final invoice with the order # in the box for easier processing or leave a note with your information referencing your order #.

    First Option: Customers may process a restring order on our website in the Racquet Services section under Racquets. You would add the strin option to your cart as you were placing an order for merchandise.

    Second Option: You may also ship a racquet for restringing without ordering through our website. Just pack your racquet including a note with your Name, Address, Phone Number and direction on what type of string/grip, etc. requested. If you have ordered from us in the past, you may let us know to use the same shipping and credit card information on file. Otherwise, include a credit card number on your note or give us a call to supply payment information by phone.

    After selecting one of these options, include a copy of the order or the note inside the box with your returned racquet. Ship your racquet to:

    Attn: Restring
    606 Pierce Rd
    Clifton Park, NY 12065

    Can I order additional merchandise with a restring

    You may also order additional merchandise to be shipped along with your restring order. SquashGalaxy will wait for the mail-in restring and ship the requested additional merchandise in one shipment when the restring is completed. If you want any items shipped earlier, please supply the order number by email to [email protected] to make that request.

    If you are mailing your restring in with a note enclosed, you may also list any additional merchandise that you may need shipped with the racquet. We will include them in the shipment for you.

    How long does it take to get my racquet back

    Our policy is to get our racquets back out the door within 24 hours if possible when we receive it from the customer.

    Sorry, we do not supply boxes or prepaid shipping labels to send in your racquet for restring. Shipping costs to ship the racquet to us and the restrung racquet back to you is at the customer's expense. Most of the racquets ship back out FedEx Ground or Priority mail to PO Boxes, APO, FPO, AK and HI. You can specify if you would like upgraded shipping to Next Day or 2nd Day.


    The Python Atlas Deluxe 17g (Black) string upgrade (+$25) is recommended at the time of purchase because the factory string generally has lesser playability and durability qualities and often strung too tight. After years of play-testing and selling strings in squash and racquetball we feel we can finally recommend a string to our customer base that not only offers great durability, but backs that up with a great feel and play. The Python Atlas Deluxe is a soft, multifilament string that will gradually fray through the life cycle of the string.(This is completely normal, so don’t worry about it. It will fray down to the very last fibers) For players looking for added “feel”, try the Atlas Deluxe in an 18g which is thinner and more responsive and for those who like a little "stiffer" string, try Tecnifibre 305 Green 17g which is still a multifilament or those who like a textured string that does not fray, try the Ashaway PowerNick 18g String.


    When choosing your grip it is important to find the one that will offer great tackiness while still holding up to the sweat and the abuse on the court. For this we recommend our SquashGalxy Wrap Grips. This is a very durable grip and has a great feel even when it gets wet from sweat in those long matches.

    These come in a variety of colors so you can match the color of your racquet.


    We recommend an overgrip for players that tend a sweat a lot, want to build up a grip, or wear through wrap grips very often. An overgrip is thinner and wears quicker than re-grips, but can be changed much quicker and easier than a re-grip. We recommend the SquashGalaxy Overgrip, but for those looking for the best sweat absorption, durability, and feel... the Overgrip/Re-grip gives the best combination. Note** when an overgrip is installed, you will not be able to see the re-grip if chose to have it installed.

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    quick and high quality.
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    Great restring service!
    Great customer service and they do great work with all the available options for grips and strings
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    The only place i'll go
    Verified Buyer
    This was my first mail in restring but will be my go to. You get what you pay for folks and what you're getting here are quality materials and strung by someone experience with SQUASH racquets. All you need to do is fill out the online form, print out the confirmation receipt, stick it in the box with the racquet and send it in. I had my racquet back in my hands in a week!
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    Verified Buyer
    I save my UPS shipping box because I know I will continue to send my racquets to Squash Galaxy for restringing. I usually send in at least two racquets at a time. The consistency of the string poundage (28lbs) is excellent - this is where other stringing operations fail. Also the turn around is within 7 days. I read the string reviews, so stay up to date on recommendations and choices. Nothing like a newly strung racquet for feel and control.
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    Great Service and FAST
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    Exceptionally convenient and easy instructions. Well executed and consistent restringing service I have used for years. Order ship and get it back within a week.
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