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Court Grabbers 4 oz Blue Gel
    Court Grabbers 4 oz Blue Gel
    Purchase Court Grabbers 4 oz Blue Gel

    For use with Court Grabbers

    Court Grabbers Traction Gel delivers the World's Best On Court Traction!

    Don't run out of Traction- Grab an extra bottle of Traction Gel!

    Court Grabbers Traction Gel is the "Magic" that delivers the Planet's Best Traction every practice and every game!

    • Use 2-3 times per week- 6 months depending on individual use
    • Use 4-6 times per week- 3 months depending on individual use

    The length of the Traction Pad cloth should be slightly moist, never "wet". Never apply more than 3 light lines of gel. *Do not squeeze the bottle. Apply just enough pressure to allow the Traction Gel to “fall” out of the bottle onto the Traction Pad

    The package comes with one 2oz bottle of gel in a squeeze bottle with a flip top, additional 4 oz bottles can be purchased.

    The 4 ounce bottle will last about 6 months when used 2-3 times per week and about 3 months when used 4-6 times per week, the 2 ounce bottle that comes with the kit should last between 1-2 months with regular use.

    Court Grabbers® Traction Gel is made up of 86% natural ingredients, stuff we eat and drink daily. 13% is alcohol, 1/5th the concentration found in common hand sanitizer. The remaining 1% is comprised of a bittering agent, a gelifier, and common food coloring. Court Grabbers® Traction Gel has no harmful effect on the user, clothing, pets, or shoes and has been certified safe for courts by a 3rd party lab Traction Gel will wash from clothes in a normal wash cycle. Water does not work on the court and is not a safe substitute for the Traction Gel.The ingredients in the gel have no adverse effect on the court, and do not "build up" on the shoe or the court. Any spilled Traction Gel cleans up easily with water and a towel.

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