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Court Grabber 4oz Blue Gel Bottle

Court Grabber 4oz Blue Gel Bottle
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Court Grabber 4oz Blue Gel Bottle Details

For use with Court Grabber Pads

Court Grabbers Traction Gel delivers the World's Best On Court Traction!

Court Grabbers Traction Gel 4oz provides 2-3 months of Game Winning Traction! Based upon three (3) lines of gel designed to provide 30 minutes of On-Court traction. Each ounce of Traction Gel provides unmatched grip for 10-15 sessions.

The gel comes in a 4oz squeeze bottle with a flip top. The gel is available in two colors, Blue (we currently only have blue) or Orange, there is no difference in the usability of the colors.

The Traction Gel has been formulated with a blend of all natural ingredients, including the tint which is achieved by the use of common food coloring. It does contain ethyl alcohol, the same ingredient found in most hand sanitizers, but at about one quarter (1/4) of the concentration. The traction gel is not meant to be ingested and a bittering agent is present to discourage ingestion, so it should be kept out of the reach of small children. The ingredients in the Traction Gel have no known effect on shoes, rubber, or court surfaces. Care should be taken not to spill the Traction Gel on your shoes or the court. Traction Gel will wash from clothes in a normal wash cycle. Water does not work on the court and is not a safe substitute for the Traction Gel.The ingredients in the gel have no adverse effect on the court, and do not “build up” on the shoe or the court. Any spilled Traction Gel cleans up easily with water and a towel.