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ionic - Advanced Kinetic System

Ionic technology delivers advancement to the famed Kinetic Technology adding a Jetron fill to the chambers. Jetron is a remarkable inelastic composition of ionizing carbon structures used as a coating for the Kinetic mass and chambers, creating a completely clean and unique feel of pure atomic energy.

The internal Kinetic mass contained an equal number of positive and negative charges, producing an electrically balanced environment under static (non-moving) conditions. When friction (through movement) is introduced, the tiny Kinetic mass elements as well as the capsule material became electrostatically charged. The electrostatic charges exerted a tremendous force (like strong magnets) on any nearby material or objects, resulting in the clinging or repelling of the Kinetic mass particles to each mass particles to each other and to the capsule walls. This electro static condition inhibited the full potential of the Kinetic system.

Pro Kennex knew that a solution to the electrostatic charge inherent in the "machine" would effectively deliver a turbo-boost to a system that already out-performs the industry. Ionics by ProKennex delivers the breakthrough in Kinetic science through a process using static eliminators (called ionizers) that neutralizes electro static charges. These anti-shock ionizers are electrically powered to produce a bulk of positive and negative ions. The charged surface attracts the appropriate number of positive and negative ions from the ionizer to become neutral.

K.I. Kinetic System has been independently proven to be the most effective shock reduction system in squash racquet technology. 15% improvement in Power Zone, 20% improvement in Shock Reduction, 43% improvement in Vibration Dampening and 50% improvement in torsional stability.

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