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Head Graphene 130 Dunlop Tour Cx

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Wilson Squash Racquet Technology

Power Hinge

Engineered to enlarge the sweetspot and provide maximum string bed movement for ultimate power.

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Power Yoke

Wilson's exclusive Power Yoke technology adds more power to every shot, Improved feel and bigger sweet spot compared to a normal squash racquet.

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BL = Basalt + X = Proprietary Technologies combined for the perfect feel.

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[K] Factor FX

The next generation of [K] Factor. Added a 5th technology called Quad Shaft Frame technology. Delivers 23% more torsional stability.

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[K] Factor

4 different technologies. [K]arophite Black, [K] Zone, [K]ontour Yolk and [K]ontour Frame.

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When a racquet is "nCoded," nano-sized silicone oxide crystals permeate the voids between the carbon fibers.

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Hyper Carbon

Hyper Carbon is a space age material used primarily by the aerospace industry in satellites and in state of the art aircraft. It's produced exclusively for Wilson by the #1 fiber supplier in the world.

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Power Holes & Power Grooves

Wilson "Power Holes" Squash Rackets features elongated grommet holes on the inside of the racket head, allowing the strings to move more freely upon ball impact which helps players generate more power on off-center hits. Power Grooves provide a more powerful string bed, even on off-center hits

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Hammer System

Patented Hammer System technology creates an ultralite racquet with a head-heavy balance point for quick, driving power and maneuverability.

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Double Beam

This revolutionary breakthrough produces the stiffest, most stable titanium alloy rackets ever created. Unlike ordinary frames, Wilson's Double Beam design delivers 20% greater stiffness plus a 17% power boost on off-center hits.

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Nano Carbon

This is a revolutionary molecular matrix of high modulous graphite fibers and Nano-sized Silicone Dioxide crystals. This exclusive matrix is strategically positioned at key torsional points along the frame for maximum strength and stability

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Triad II

A revolutionary frame construction utilizing three completely separate frame parts: A shock-absorbing polymer is sandwiched between the racquet's hoop and handle in a way that filters uncomfortable shock and vibration

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