Karakal MX 125 Gel Squash Racquet

Karakal MX 125 Gel Squash Racquet

Karakal MX 125 Gel Squash Racquet

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Product Details
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Product Specs

Balance: 37.5 cmHeadsize: 74.40 in2 / 480 cm2
Factory Grip: Karakal PU Super GripWeight: 125g

Description of the Racquet

Another of Karakal's reprised racquets, back by popular demand is the MX 125 Superlite Nano Titanium Gel.

The frame has Super inner and outer 'Muscle System' which dramatically improves the control and power in the frame making even off centre hits feel like the middle of the sweet spot. All frames have our 'Muscle Tec' string system. The MX 125 has an 'Internal Vibration Dampner' bonded into the frame to reduce vibration.

  • Superlight Nano Titaniumn Gel
  • Integral Vibration Dampner
  • Inner & Outer Muscle Systems
  • Muscle Tec Stringing
  • Groove Power System
  • 'A' Power Mono-shaft
  • One Piece Construction
  • Full Racket Cover

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