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Squash Steps to Success Book

Squash Steps to Success Book
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Squash Steps to Success Book Details

Description of the Book

Learn the fundamentals and enjoy competing in this fast-paced tactical game. Whether you already play squash or are just starting out, Squash: Steps to Success will teach you the skills and strategies you need in order to play and win.

With 13 progressive instructional steps, you'll learn all aspects of the game. Detailed descriptions, illustrations, and photo sequences demonstrate essential on-the-court movement, volleys, serves, returns, and drop shots. Then practice and improve techniques with 93 drills, each featuring a personal scoring system to gauge and accelerate your progress.

After you master the individual skills, Squash: Steps to Success will show you how to apply them in match situations. From disguise and deception to attacking and defensive strategies, you'll learn to maximize your strengths and dominate the court.

Become a complete player on the court. As part of the popular Steps to Success Sports Series - with more than 1.5 million copies sold worldwide - Squash: Steps to Success will elevate your performance to new heights in all facets of the sport.


  • Climbing the Steps to Squash Success
  • Acknowledgements
  • The Sport of Squash
  • Key to Diagrams

  • Step 1 Proper Grip and Basic Swings
  • Step 2 Court Movement
  • Step 3 Moving and Hitting in the Frontcourt
  • Step 4 Moving and Hitting in the Backcourt
  • Step 5 Volleys
  • Step 6 Serve and Return of Serve
  • Step 7 Boasts
  • Step 8 Drop and Lob Shots
  • Step 9 Kill Shots
  • Step 10 Disguise and Deception
  • Step 11 Match Play
  • Step 12 Advanced Tactics
  • Step 13 Conditioning for Squash