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Prince Squash Bags

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$20 Off!!!
Prince Tour Team Squash 12 Pack Racquet Bag (Green/Black)
$69.00 $89.00 $$
Prince Tour Team 12 Pack Bag (Green/Black)
Prince Tour Team 9 Pack Bag (Green/Black)

Prince Tour Team 6 Pack Bag (Green/Black)
Prince Team Triple Squash Bag
Prince Team 12 Pack Squash Bag

If you'd like your squash bag embroidered, select the embroidery option/color when you put a bag in your shopping cart. We will embroider SquashGalaxy and your personalized name on your bag for $19.95 on Club and Tournament style squash bags and $11.95 on Backpacks.

All embroideries take 24 hours to get done in house so there is a 1 business day delay in shipping.

**Note**Any bag that is personalized cannot be returned for credit or exchange.